dianabol steroid

The drug has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action, including – in relation to the strains of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus; stimulates regeneration of damaged tissues.

Indications Local : in the complex treatment of burns and trophic ulcers, cervical erosion. Inside : for bowel disease in stafilokokkonositelstve.

: Hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy, lactation, age 18 years.

Dosing and Administration
For topical dianabol steroid use: in the treatment of burns and venous ulcers drug is diluted 1: 5 in 0.25% novocaine solution; for the lubrication of the cervical canal and erosion, wetted tampons introduced into the vagina using undiluted preparation; for vaginal douching, a solution obtained by diluting 1 tablespoon of the drug in 1 liter of water. When staphylococcal intestinal lesions, inside take 5 ml of the drug dissolved in 30 ml of water, 3 times a day 40 minutes before meal; topically enemas (20 mL drug in 1 liter of water) administered 1 to 2 times of the day. The course of treatment consists of 10 procedures.

Side effects:
Allergic reactions are possible.

Specific guidance
Before treatment is necessary to check the individual patient’s sensitivity to the drug. To do this, the patient is given a drink 25 drops of the drug, diluted in 1 tablespoon water. In dianabol steroid the absence of 6-8 hours of allergic reactions (. Swelling of the lips, mucous membranes of the nose, throat, etc.) can be assigned to courses of treatment with the drug; in the presence of allergic reactions, the drug is contraindicated.

Drivers of vehicles and persons working on machines / mechanisms in the application of the drug should be taken into account that the preparation contains ethyl alcohol in an amount of not less than 85%.

The interaction with other drugs
Galenofillipt destroyed by reaction with hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, after the treatment of the wound with a solution of hydrogen peroxide prior to use Galenofillipta dianabol steroid wound should be flushed with sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

Product form
Solution for oral and topical use of alcohol. 25, 50, 100 mL of dark glass vials, in 100 ml glass jars dark placed together with instructions for use in a cardboard pack.

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