dianabol before and after

Dianabol before and after is one of the most active derivatives from the group of neuroleptics butirofenonov
Possesses strong antipsychotic action, it is effective in reducing agitation of various origins, shows pronounced antiemetic effect, causing moderate sedation. In small doses it has activating effect. Central and peripheral anticholinergic action is not. Potentiates the effect of hypnotics, narcotics and analgesics. Relatively often cause extrapyramidal disorders.
If ingestion maximum concentration of dianabol before and after in blood plasma is achieved in 3-6 hours after intramuscular administration – after 20 minutes. dianabol before and after is metabolized in the liver, liver undergoes recycling. The half-life of 13-40 hours. Provided with urine and feces.


Indications for use:

The drug is used strictly on prescription. dianabol before and after-ratiopharm -kapli applied in the following cases:
– basic therapy of psychotic disorders in acute and subacute psychoses (schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, mental retardation, epileptic, alcoholic psychosis and other endogenous and exogenous-organic type);
– basic and so-called supporting therapy of chronic delusional and hallucinatory psychosis;
– behavioral disorders in elderly and childhood, a variety of psychosomatic disorders.



dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli contraindicated in the following cases:
– hypersensitivity to dianabol before and after and / or other derivatives of butyrophenone or other substances of the formulation;
– acute intoxication with alcohol, opiates, hypnotics or psihogropnymi means oppressive central nervous system;
– coma;
– pregnancy and lactation;
– children up to 3 years;
– patients with intolerance of alkyl 4-hydroxybenzoate.

dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli should be used with extreme caution in the following cases:
– failure of the liver and / or kidney problems;
– previous heart disease;
– prolaktinzavisimye tumors, such as breast cancer;
– severe hypotension or orthostatic dysregulation;
– Parkinson’s disease;
– endogenous depression
– disease gematopoeticheskoi system
– neuroleptic malignant syndrome in history;
– epilepsy and organic brain disease,
– hyperthyroidism,
– children and young people, the sick in old age.
Prior to treatment dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli necessary to carry out blood tests with the establishment of a differentiated picture of blood cells with the obligatory counting the number of platelets. In identifying pathology application dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli possible only in case of urgent need and mandatory re-examination of the blood picture.

Use during pregnancy and lactation:
The use of dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli during pregnancy and is contraindicated during breast-feeding.
Therefore, prior to the start of treatment should be tested for pregnancy and during treatment, Po possible, avoid offensive pregnancy. During treatment it is necessary to carry out measures to prevent pregnancy.
Use of the drug dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli lactation is also advisable to avoid. In case of need for treatment with dianabol before and after during lactation treating physician should carefully weigh the benefit / risk ratio.


Dosage and administration:

Individual dosage is appointed by the attending physician and depends on the clinical picture, the characteristics of the disease, age and tolerability.
Antipsychotic effect reaches its maximum only after 1-3 weeks of continuous treatment, sedation evident almost immediately.
In the outpatient setting is the preferred method of permanent and one-time extension daily dosages. Under steady-state conditions, treatment can begin immediately with high doses, so you can quickly achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
The sharp change in the level of applied dosages increases the risk of side effects.
Prolonged use of dianabol before and after decrease in dosage should be step-and very slow (the next dose reduction should be carried out through . fairly large intervals)
daily dose is divided into 1-3 reception at high doses is possible more frequent reception of the individual doses.
If your doctor has not appointed a dosage is usually the following treatment regimens are used:
dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli taken with food, dosed using a teaspoon, adding to beverages or food, or a piece of sugar (other than diabetes).
Adults and adolescents, early treatment usually take dianabol before and after 0,5-1.5 mg 2-3 times a day (initial daily dose 0.5 -5 mg). Then gradually increase the dose of 0.5-2 mg per day (in resistant cases 2-4 mg per day) to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
When relieving symptoms of acute inpatient initial daily doses may be increased up to 15 mg of dianabol before and after, a therapeutically resistant cases above. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 100 mg of dianabol before and after.
The average therapeutic dose is usually 10-15 mg / day for chronic forms of schizophrenia – 20-40 mg / day, in resistant cases – up to 50-60 mg / day. Supporting dose (outside exacerbations) in an outpatient setting can range from 0.5 to 5.0 mg / day. Children over 3 years of age (oral and parenteral): Treatment is initiated with a dose of 0.025-0.05 mg / kg body weight, divided by 2 3 admission. Increasing dosage may to 0.2 mg / kg body weight. Patients elderly and physically debilitated patients (oral and parenteral): Treatment starts with single doses not exceeding a daily dose of 0.5-1.5 mg preferably not increase above 5 mg . Children, the elderly and debilitated patients increasing the dose very slowly, no more than 1 time in 3-5 days.


dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli capable of causing extrapyramidal disorders in children, even at very low doses, as well as form, with black tea and coffee poorly soluble complexes, making it difficult to resorption.
When concomitant administration of lithium and Galoleridol-ratiopharm ® -kapli dosage both drugs should be, if possible, as low as possible.


Interaction with other drugs:

With simultaneous application of dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli and:
– alcohol dramatically increases the effects of the latter, moreover, can occur a sharp drop in blood pressure;
– medicines, central nervous system depressants (hypnotics, analgesic and anti-asthmatics and other psychotropic drugs) may increase sedation and respiratory depression;
– polypeptide antibiotics (. such as capreomycin, kolistan polymyxin B) can be amplified prior respiratory depression;
– tricyclic antidepressants leads to an increase in the level of their plasma concentrations. Whether it enhances the activity of anti-depressants is not known, but it is intended to increase toxicity;
– antidepressants fluoxetine and fluvoxamine leads to increased plasma concentrations of dianabol before and after and increased extrapyramidal disorders;
– amphetamine-type stimulants leads to a decrease in the stimulating effect of the past and the possible reduction of the antipsychotic effect of dianabol before and after; ,
– adrenaline (epinephrine) may occur a sudden drop in blood pressure and weakening of cardiac activity;
– phenylephrine, dopamine may weaken the effect of the latter;
– guanetidina reduced antihypertensive effect guanetidina;
– antihypertensive drugs their action can be amplified;
– methyldopa may increase the action of methyldopa on the central nervous system;
– carbamazepine, phenobarbital, diphenylhydantoin or rifampicin. and at smoking reduced dianabol before and after level plasma concentrations of enzyme induction. Does it weaken the action of dianabol before and after – unknown;
– lithium and other antipsychotics may cause or a sharp increase in existing extrapyramidal disorders, fatigue, feeling of tremor, dry mouth, in rare cases may cause neurotoxic syndromes, such as dizziness and fever .; body
– dopamine antagonists (e.g., levodopa) last action can be weakened;
– other dopamine antagonists (e.g., metoclopramide) can lead to increased movement disorders;
– means having anticholinergic action (for example, atropine, benzatropine, trihexyphenidyl), their action It can be enhanced. This can lead to impaired vision, increased intraocular pressure, dry mouth, heart palpitations, constipation, complaints during urination, violation of saliva, speech difficulties, impaired memory or reduce sweating. Due to reduced gastrointestinal absorption effect of dianabol before and after may be reduced.
– Anticoagulants should regularly monitor the status of the blood clotting.
Concomitant use of dianabol before and after-ratiopharm ® -kapli with tea or coffee may reduce the effect of dianabol before and after.

Side effects:
In the treatment of dianabol before and after-ratiopharm “-kapli many patients have side effects such as: early dyskinesia (lockjaw” muscle oculogyric crises, the tension of the back muscles, jerky protruding tongue, dystonic phenomena), Cindy Parkinson’s (tremor, stiffness ) and akathisia (restlessness). It should be borne in mind that children extrapyramidal syndrome often develops even at low dosages.
In the event of early dyskinesia or Parkinson’s syndrome is necessary to reduce the dosage or to begin treatment antiparkinsonian agents (anticholinergics, such as Trihexyphenidyl).
Akathisia treatment more difficult. At the beginning of treatment trying to reduce the dosage. If there is no success trying to treat sedative and hypnotic agents and beta-blockers.
Sometimes, especially early in treatment, there is hypotension or orthostatic dysregulation and reflex tachycardia.
At the beginning of treatment may be a feeling of fatigue, and in the future – anxiety, stress, depressive disorders mood (especially long-term treatment), insomnia, dizziness, headache; . in rare cases – delirious symptoms and seizures
At high doses can sometimes be observed symptoms of autonomic dysregulation, as a violation of accommodation, dry mouth, feeling of fullness in the nose, increased intraocular pressure, constipation, nausea, retching, diarrhea, . loss of appetite
In certain cases, such violations are detected in the blood picture, as leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, eosinophilia, pancytopenia; in very rare cases -. agranulocytosis
in some cases may appear galaktorreya, gynecomastia, sexual dysfunction, increased body weight, and may rarely occur thrombosis of the lower extremities.
In very rare cases, can be observed allergic reactions.
there is a dangerous development in extremely rare cases, neuroleptic malignant syndrome life.

In long-term treatment at high doses may cause the phenomenon of tardive dyskinesia (prolonged hyperkinetic syndrome with involuntary movements primarily in the field of maxillofacial muscles). Effective treatment of this syndrome is still no.
In the application of dianabol before and after necessary to carry out regular monitoring of the blood picture (every 2-4 weeks). In the case of reducing the number of leukocytes to or less than 3000 / mm H or other violations of dianabol before and after treatment is stopped.
It is also necessary to regularly check renal function, liver and cardiovascular system (comparing original and current ECG research data). Patients should be informed that in case of occurrence in the first 3 months after initiation of treatment with dianabol before and after fever, gums or stomatitis inflammation, sore throat, signs of sore throat or sore throat, they should not start self-treatment and immediately contact your healthcare a doctor
should always be aware of the possibility of neuroleptic malignant syndrome, which is often wrongly confused with catatonia If you have a high temperature and muscle tension.
The treatment of this syndrome is very serious and includes the following activities:
– the abolition of dianabol before and after;
– treatment of hyperthermia using cooling as antipyretics are often ineffective;
– treatment of disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance, cardiovascular disorders, infections, respiratory and renal complications;
– specific treatment dantrolene infusion (3-10 mg / day) in combination with the methods of bromocriptine (7.5-30 mg / day) inside .
Treatment of drug cocaine intoxication can strengthen extrapyramidal disorders. Warning: while receiving dianabol before and after prohibits vozzhdenie vehicles and service arrangements, as well as other activities that require high concentration and fast motor responses.


Because of the large therapeutic breadth of the phenomenon of intoxication is usually seen only in the event of a massive overdose. Symptoms: severe extrapyramidal disorders (acute dyskinesia and dystonia), impairment of consciousness (somnolence up to coma, sometimes exciting and delirious state of confusion), rarely – seizures, pyrexia or hypotension, a violation of the cardiovascular system (hypotension, tachycardia or bradycardia, ventricular tachyarrhythmia). . Occasionally – respiratory complications (cyanosis, respiratory depression) Treatment : No specific antidote; in general – simptomaticheskoe.Neobhodimo treatment of gastric lavage, followed by the appointment of activated carbon. In severe extrapyramidal symptoms Benzatropine mesylate administered in the / m or / in.When seizures relaxants used, for example, possible to remove suksametoniy.Antiholinergicheskie symptoms by assigning Physostigmine salicylate (2.1 mg / in). If necessary – diuresis or dialysis. anti estrogens & fat loss